“how to deal with the fact or fiction statement, ‘THE WORST THINGS HAPPEN IN MARCH & APRIL’. FOR MEN & WOMEN, W/ PHOTOS”



“how to deal with the fact or fiction statement, ‘THE WORST THINGS HAPPEN IN MARCH & APRIL’. FOR MEN & WOMEN, W/ PHOTOS”

Some of the many things that can happen during these months or at anytime we are faced with unprepared expenses are as follows in list form. The goal/intention is to support the habit of saving money and the overall affirmation, “I AM ABUNDANT IN ALL WAYS”. Some  of these are actually, tongue-in-cheek.

  • We realize we have paid for something twice
  • We change our minds and actually go to that meeting/lecture because they actually serve cookies/refreshements.
  • An unusual expense comes up that is very expensive, like car repairs or a stolen item.
  • We inadvertently break something of someone else’s and it is too embarrassing to say, “could I replace it at the end of the month”?
  • Someone we are responsible for who never causes any expense, has a need that has to be responded to immediately.

one of the really pro-active activities for ourselves is to observe ourselves under duress. how does our brain work? do we crave different foods than normal?is our brain generating unusual memories, dreams? of course, we must journal these observations and consider discussing them with others. Is it possible that our brains are organizing information about our location not being appropriate, relationship changes/adjustments? under stress, do we have the same type of sense of humor or are we more cynical or do we even have a sense of humor when stressed? do we resource and ask questions or do we allow ourselves to try a new path? do those close to us notice any changes and do we have the courage to ask them if they notice anything different? how is your normal meditation/workout under stress?


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